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Effectiveness of Television Advertising of FMCG'S

Effectiveness of Television Advertising of FMCG'S

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Today, the only constant thing in an evolving market is the change in consumer dynamics. Over a period of time, the Indian market has come to stand as distinctly divided like the religions and castes of India. The Indian markets are categorised into urban and rural markets and each of these markets have its own characteristics and potential. Today, rural markets are the focus of Indian marketers for various reasons that include the current and future potential of the market. The size of the market covers two- thirds of country’s population and half of the national income comes from rural population. The Indian rural market with its vast size and demand base offers a huge opportunity that Multinational Companies cannot afford to ignore. Expanding the market by tapping the countryside, many Multinational Companies are entering into India's rural markets.Although, rural consumers need to purchase consumer goods just as their urban counterparts do, rural consumers have a different set of needs that must be met by both package and product. Spending time researching the rural consumer as well as the market before diving in can help to prevent unnecessary struggles and failures.
A Study of Indian Rural Market