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Advertising Effectiveness In Indian Context

Advertising Effectiveness In Indian Context

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This study is about science and art of an effective advertising in Indian context.It is the exercise to find out ways, methods, tecniques that give meaning to the color, words and images to consumers in relation to a brand.At present advertisement has passed the phase where informational assimilation had remained the core challenge of an advertising campaign.Now, it is the struggle to remain meaningful, contextual,relevent, in vogue and convincing till the end where huge media noises and competing brands intereference constitues the consumers environment. Thus, our present focus is to make a message heard amidst the huge noises of the consumers' and market's eco- system.Advertisement has to survive in this set-up.If advertising succeeds in this endevour, it can prove its potential as well as effectiveness. The present study has examined the same problem in relation to low involvement product category in indian context.
A study in Low Involvement Product Category