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Good VS Bad Market Attitude

Good VS Bad Market Attitude

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Why in 2007 people waited in front of Apple stores to get its first iPhone although it can be deliver if order online for 3 days? Why many consumers work hard to avoid rejection by their peers, a negative goal. They will stay away from products that they associate with social disapproval. Products such as mouth wash and deodorants frequently rely on consumers’ negative motivation when ads depict the onerous social consequences of underarm odor or bad breath. Do you know PLAYBOY announced plans to publish a magazine in India- but without nude? Are you aware that the Chinese consider appearance so important that they view plastic surgery as a commercial investment and it is common for people to take out loans to fund procedures. Some consumers “Only buy well known brand names” would not consider a new brand, even if it is equal or superior to existing ones. When people are less familiar with the product category or are not very motivated to process complex information, they tend to use simple, noncompensatory rules.