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Market trends of Titanium Dioxide by Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd

Market trends of Titanium Dioxide by Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd

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This book presents the market trends of Titanium Dioxide (Rutile) pigment (TiO2) by the Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd. (KMML). The production and price of TiO2 showed a fluctuating trend during the initial period of the study; steady increase was registered in the later years due to increased demand. The company produced more quantity of the product than the installed capacity of 22000 metric tonnes from 1999-’00 onwards. The sale of TiO2 is found closely associated with demand, price and production. The sales also registered steady increase during the later periods with an annual average growth rate of 35.31 percent. The results further point towards the increasing trend in the export of TiO2 by KMML, after the globalization and liberalization. There was significant difference in the rate of growth achieved during the initial and later periods. Production, demand and sales registered a four-fold increase in growth rate during the later periods. These three variables were found moving together, with high correlation among them. Overall, there is a high demand for TiO2 in the market, which is left to be tapped by KMML, by increasing the installed capacity of the plant.
An analytical study