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Comparing Key Brand Elements within Female Markets

Comparing Key Brand Elements within Female Markets

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Ten key brand elements and their relative significance to women in the Milan, Italy and Port-of-Spain, Trinidad markets were explored in this study. This included the Milanese and Trinidadian women’s reactions to each brand element and a consideration of how understanding these elements provides a knowledge base that can be used by marketers to introduce brands in both markets with a greater anticipated margin of success. Findings: The Milan and Port-of-Spain groups selected four of the same key brand elements within their top five lists. This brings into perspective the opportunities that can be unearthed through focused quantitative research into potential markets. This study is an important example of what companies entering new markets should undertake to empirically establish which elements of existing campaigns or brand marketing strategy could remain within the new country and which need to be altered to avoid negative or less than desirable effects. This book also details the similarities that exist in what may be vastly differing markets and how these could be utilised to reduce marketing costs in the global arena.
Milan, Italy versus Port-of-Spain, Trinidad