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The Impact of Advertising on Children

The Impact of Advertising on Children

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This book is about the impact of few selected advertisements on children. The target age groups are from 3 to 17 which would be divided into three groups. Five ages per group. Group 1: age 3 to 7, Group 2: age 8 to 12 and Group 3: age 13 to 17. Each of these age groups are affected in different ways. Some are effected mentally, and some physically. But these effects would not take effect a child immediately; it would take effect as the child grows. This is because no matter how the advertisements are made, most of the children never understand the effects on the advertisements and since they like the creativity in the advertisements they actually consume the product. No matter what the product is, let it be from a chocolate to an electronic product like an Air Conditioner.
Ages between 3 to 17