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Exploring Kiddo Land

Exploring Kiddo Land

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Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. This book explores parents’ buying behavior regarding toys with an attempt to see how their decision to buy certain toys helps in their kids’ development, their ability to learn, build their knowledge/skill and increase their intellect in Pakistan’s toy market. The objective is to study the stages of children’s development through the consumption pattern of toys, the buying behavior of parents, the choices available in the market, the status recognition of reputable brands and the commitment of kids towards particular brands in Pakistan. The book emphasis that majority of the parents are very particular about the kind of toys they give to their children to play with. They prefer age appropriate toys, with high play value, something educational and discourage media related non educational toys. ‘Fisher price’ and ‘Lego’ has exceptionally good reputation in the market due to their safety element, quality, and value for money, and mainly due to the high play value that their toys offer. Parents are seen to be brand conscious when it comes to buying educational toys only. Understanding these behaviors can ultimately shape children’s future.
A Post Modern Pakistani Perspective