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Marketing of Business School

Marketing of Business School

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It is significant to develop a relationship between marketing-mix and type & categories of Business Schools. In India Self-financed institutions are not funded by the government and they have to depend upon the fee and non-fee income. Secondly, the numbers of self- financed institutions are more in number which makes them to think in terms of business. Therefore, the marketing practices, type & categories of B-Schools need to be studied to develop the marketing strategy. In India business magazines like ‘India Today’, ‘Business World’, ‘Outlook’, ‘Indian Management’, ‘Dalal Street’, and ‘Business Today’ conduct market survey to rank the Business Schools. The ranking of the B-Schools reveals the hardware and software aspect of the B- Schools. But how the B-Schools market their institutions with reference to seven P’s of service marketing – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Physical Infrastructure, Process and People has not been addressed comprehensively. This book, therefore, provides an insight to Business School to sustain and grow in today’s competitive market by bringing the rhythm in 7P’s of service marketing.
7P's of Business-School Marketing