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Relationship Marketing in the Hotel Industry

Relationship Marketing in the Hotel Industry

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Relationship Marketing (RM) has been viewed to be critical to the success of business organizations. Nevertheless, the concept has only been gaining currency recently within the academic circle. In other words, the implementation and practices of RM in real world context has not been matured due to lack of knowledge and principles of the subject matter. In the same vein, majority of the previous studies have focused on defining constructs and presenting conceptual model of RM. Even the geographical scope of most studies conducted on RM implementation has been limited to Western and Eastern business environments while studies in the context of many African countries, particularly in Ethiopia, remain unverified. As such, the point of convergence and divergence of the practices of RM from what the theories say constitutes a central academic puzzle.This book, therefore, examines the nexus between concepts and practices of RM in hotel industry with special emphasis of Ghion Hotel,Addis Ababa Branch, Ethiopia.
The Nexus between Concepts and Practices