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Nostalgia: More Than Just The Flavor of the Week

Nostalgia: More Than Just The Flavor of the Week

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The culinary evolution of nostalgic food was studied and supported with palatable evidence from past and present popular restaurants and food and beverage brands, which artfully and strategically dished out nostalgia on menus and in, what often became, top-selling, crave-worthy products. Primary research regarding nostalgia as scientific and psychological literature was used to further illustrate the reoccurring incredible powers of nostalgia, especially in trying times of uncertainty. The author’s observation-based secondary research serves as another supporting tier to the book's ultimate conclusion – that America’s palate for nostalgic food, while it has its ups and down, is not a here-today, gone-tomorrow trend, but a mainstream cultural commodity rooted deep in our country’s appetite.
A Critical Look at the Movement of Nostalgic Food from "Trend" to "Mainstream"