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Online Shopping Behaviour

Online Shopping Behaviour

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On-line shopping is a recent phenomenon in the field of E-Business and is definitely going to be the future of shopping in India which is a large and strategic consumer market. E-tailing sales in India is estimated to be $ 0.55 billion in 2011-12 and expected to touch $60-$70 billion by 2020.The potential growth of on-line shopping has triggered an idea of writing a book on on-line shopping in India. The book entails one of unique stuies done on indian e-shoppers on a large scale. The outcome of the study is a model encompassing major factors impacting online shopping Behavior of consumers in India. The study results will help the e-tailers and Marketers across the globe to devise and revamp their strategies for Indian consumers who are large in number and provide great opportunities for Business. The researchers and practitioners could use the study results for conducting future studies in the similar area. The study will also serve as a good reference for management graduates or Trainess to understand and analyse the Behavior of consumers towards online shopping.
An Exploratory Study on Indian e-shoppers