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City Branding Based on Marketing Aesthetics

City Branding Based on Marketing Aesthetics

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Every organized place of the globalizing world is in competition with other places in order to share the value, skills, and interest. A famous city can also sell its products/services in an easier and profitable way, attract people, visitors, investors, activities, and play an efficient role in the world events, just like a famous company. Under this global competition environment, the most important place for the city to compete with competitors is the minds of the people, who are the target group or customers of the city. A city brand identity established on the minds of the consumers in a conscious and consistent manner will not only increase the competitive power of that city, make it distinguished, and increase inhabitability and visitability hence, support the economic improvement of the city. The marketing aesthetics of a city is thus created with the presentation of all the elements that constitute the city identity in a conscious and well designed manner. As this book reviews the city branding supported with marketing aesthetics, the concept of marketing aesthetics, which was previously studied on brand identity, has been handled as adapted only to the city in this book.