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Malaysian Consumers' Attitude Towards Mobile Advertising

Malaysian Consumers' Attitude Towards Mobile Advertising

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The recent development of a global telecommunication technology provides a new mechanism for companies to promote products and services. This modern electronic advertising concept is commercially known as mobile advertising. It offers an alternative approach to reach targeted customers more effectively and build a stronger and more personal relationship with them. Despite its remarkable opportunities claimed by many quarters, the attitude of Malaysian consumers towards mobile advertising must be comprehensively examined. A wise understanding is essential to ensure the effective use of this advertising in the future. This research analyzed the determinants of the consumers’ attitude based on three factors namely Advertisement Factors (Entertainment, Informativeness, Credibility, Irritation and Integrativeness), Media Factors (Relative Advantage, Complexity and Compatibility) and Purchase Factors (Products and Services, Price and Timing). The dimension of permission also included to understand its role between the attitude towards mobile advertising and consumers' intention to purchase products and services via mobile advertising.