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Adventure Tourism: Concept, Segmentation and Promotion

Adventure Tourism: Concept, Segmentation and Promotion

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Tourism is considered as one of the fastest growing industries world over. Within the industry, adventure tourism has been identified as one of the fastest growing segments, with the number of operators and tourists increasing worldwide. This book concentrates on the study of adventure tourism market segments and the promotional policies adopted for these segments. Segmenting the markets into smaller sub segments is worthwhile for the effective promotional strategies outcomes. This assumption is based upon adventure tourism meeting the general characteristics of a service, which include intangibility, simultaneity of production and consumption, inseparability, and non-standardization. Due to the Himalayan geographical structure of north India there is a great potential for the adventure tourism, but due to some reasons this region is not in the list of many adventure lovers. In present scenario only few destinations are frequently visited by adventure tourists in the region. The present book is divided into seven different chapters in order to give it more structured form and ease to the readers.