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The Role of Marketing Communication in Student Enrolment

The Role of Marketing Communication in Student Enrolment

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Marketing communication activities of various organizations have besieged all the available media including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters and even street walls. Private tertiary institutions are not left out in these activities aimed at drawing the attention of potential customers and consumers to their institutions and the products and services they offer. Despite the high costs involved in these communication activities, institutions undertake them without knowing which promotional tools influence the enrolment decisions of potential clients. This book originates from a research conducted in Ghana to assess the role of marketing communication in student enrolment in private tertiary institutions. It discusses how marketing communication tools serve as source of information to potential clients and the relative strengths of these various tools and other possible factors that influenced students’ enrolment decision. This book is considered as a useful resource to marketers, marketing researchers, consultants and students.
A case of selacted private Universities in Ghana