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Network Marketing in Tunisia

Network Marketing in Tunisia

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Direct selling is simply a process of combining the potential of the internet and ecommerce. This process holds a wide range of strategies, but its success depends on how to plan, use and develop these strategies. One of these strategies is Network marketing which could be 21st century business for the enormous benefits in many countries around the world. In this research, I will first introduce this new trend and I will show how important it is in the business world. Then, I will investigate the importance of network marketing in Tunisia by examining direct selling company QNET as a controversial case study. In the case study, I will discuss the findings from the conducted interviews with one of QNET trainers in Tunisia and from the accomplished questionnaires with QNET members and with different categories of Tunisians to measure their awareness about the importance of Network Marketing.Finally, I will suggest some practical implications to spread the awareness among Tunisians about the importance of Network Marketing.