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Art of Subliminal Seduction and the Subjugation of Youth

Art of Subliminal Seduction and the Subjugation of Youth

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Subliminal persuasion means persuading consumers towards a particular action when actually the target is not aware about it.Consumer exposed to subliminal advertisements can be tempted towards irrational behaviour like that of unplanned buying and compulsive buying. Cognitive and social psychologists are now learning that stimuli presented subliminally can have a considerable influence on psychological processes such as cognition,affection and emotional involvement.Studies have shown that people can be persuaded without their conscious evaluation,that is to say their cognitive power is overshadowed by affection or by their emotions.This imbalance in cognition and affection forces consumer into irrational buying behaviour.The present study was conducted to explore the influences of subliminal messaging on consumers from different backgrounds. Their responses on cognition, affection, advertisement evaluation and advertisement involvement were compared to determine the type of behaviour they will show after being exposed to subliminal advertisements.