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Principles of International Marketing

Principles of International Marketing

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Faustino Taderera, the celebrity and towering figure, the most published, polished and celebrated Marketing, International Business Strategist, academic, icon and guru in Zimbabwe and Africa, wrote this book, Principles of International Marketing, as a compulsory course at undergraduate level for many marketing, exports, shipping, logistics and related qualifications and covers, among others:- marketing research; national branding; cargo and export credit insurance; TPOs; trading blocs; documentation; shipping and forwarding agents; export packaging; sales agents and distributors; hedging; new product development; financing for exports; export costing and pricing; national branding; risk management; pre and post- shipment inspection; market entry strategies, export marketing plans and strategic planning. This is a necessary companion for professors, researchers, students and practitioners. With this 13th book Faustino Taderera is now the undisputed Tom Peters of Zimbabwe, Africa and the Middle East.
Internationalisation, Investment, Alliances