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Logistics Collaboration in Supply Chains

Logistics Collaboration in Supply Chains

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The globalization of economies, increased competitive pressure, heightened customer expectation, emerging technologies and multilateralism has had a profound effect on the way organizations conduct their business. Organizations started focusing on supply chain process integration to bring efficiency, cost effectiveness, productivity in business process, to add value to their customer offering and services to gain a competitive advantage. The purpose of this thesis is to describe logistics collaboration in supply chains. During the past two decades, a new trend towards integration and collaboration in supply chains has been recognized among researchers as well as among business practitioners. This philosophy is called supply chain management and has received enormous attention in logistics research. Collaboration based on supply chain management is expected to reduce total cost and improve service towards the supply chain''s end customers at the same time. The results showed that trust and various logistic shills required are the most important experienced barriers, which have hampered the collaboration.
To bring Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness, Productivity in Business Process