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Green marketing and the ecological advertisement

Green marketing and the ecological advertisement

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This work presents an analysis of the content of a series of printed ecological ads obtained from companies across several economic sectors. This study aimed to examine the implicit structure of these ads: its environmental appeals; the degree of thoroughness with which the matter was addressed by the companies surveyed. It contains the concepts of strategic marketing and operational marketing, the societal marketing and the relations between the integrated marketing communications and the green marketing. As analytical framework, was selected a sample of print ads and through a multivariate analysis, using the technique of Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)and cluster analysis was obtained a perceptual map that positions companies according to the criteria of similarity. The work should help shed some light on this new and exciting advertising environment, and should be especially useful to professionals in communications and marketing fields; managers concerned with the company’s image as an environmentally responsible company; or anyone else who may considering utilizing the concepts of green marketing oriented to use ecologically sound appeals in their advertisements.
An analysis of the structure of the communication in announcements printed matters