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Exploring the Cultural Logic of Translocal Marketplace Cultures

Exploring the Cultural Logic of Translocal Marketplace Cultures

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The aim of this book is to explore new forms of cultural production that are transforming the global marketplace cultures of today. Prior research has given rise to a number of viewpoints on how we should think about the accelerating globalization of markets and what particular cultural dynamics are at play in shaping the constantly evolving marketplace cultures. These include approaches stressing the logics of cultural assimilation or adaptation, modes of cultural globalization and glocalization as well as the postmodern fragmentation of markets. This book maps out central tendencies in cultural theory regarding these approaches and directs attention to the logics of ‘translocal'' cultural production, emphasizing the role of translocal practices and communities as central constituents of transnational marketplace cultures. Digitalized and neo-tribal forms of cultural production are investigated as particular examples of such emerging modes of translocal marketplace cultures. In addition, new methods and a conceptual perspective suitable for their study are elaborated. The book is an edited version of Joonas Rokka''s dissertation manuscript.
Essays on New Methods and Empirical Insights