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Marketing and Facebook

Marketing and Facebook

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The social media are internet facilities where people can communicate and discuss through different websites or blogs. The social media has changed the world in many aspect and people are becoming more and more addicted to use these networks. People are fond of the social media because they can be social with a high number of individuals, both be real life friends, as well as strangers. Since the social media has grown to become so popular, companies have taken advantage of this as well. Their goal is to promote themselves through these networks as this can be very lucrative for the business. There are many different social media networks however this study will only be about Facebook. The aim of the study is to find out and describe how companies use Facebook for marketing purposes. An observation of how 34 fashion companies use Facebook for marketing purposes was carried out.Key words: The social media, Facebook, The promotional mix, Advertising, Sales promotions, Events and Experiences, PR and publicity, Personal Selling, Direct Marketing, WOM, Observation.
How fashion companies promote themselves on Facebook