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Elements of Marketing

Elements of Marketing

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Professor Faustino Taderera, the celebrity and towering figure, is the finest International Business & Marketing brains ever produced in Zimbabwe and the whole of Africa and the most published business academic, icon and guru in Africa nicknamed, "The Tom Peters of Zimbabwe, Africa and the Middle East." His students call him, "The Rumbler, the Caterpillar, the Rollercoaster and King Solomon," mainly for his passion, depth and incisive research in these areas. This book, Elements of Marketing, his 55th book, deals with key strategies for marketing success whether in the private or public sectors and has eye opening research articles on corporate and national leadership. It is now accepted worldwide that good marketing management is only possible where there is good national governance. Faustino Taderera is now one of the world''s most eminent and distinguished international marketing strategists. Faustino always says, "Golden fish have no hiding place. I am the Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Solomon and Joseph of my time, the Gift of Zimbabwe, Africa and the World." He is a much sought after global academic and professional BRAND.
National Banding, Positioning, Value Analysis