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Customers' Behaviour towards Small Car in Unorganized Environment

Customers' Behaviour towards Small Car in Unorganized Environment

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Over the last decade Car manufacturing companies are facing new challenges to serve the ever-changing customer attitude towards the purchase of new generation car. As very discernible studies have been carried out to see the customers' behaviour towards car market in unorganized environment, this work aims at making a correlation analysis of the responses of customers regarding various attribute ratings of a small car. Further it also seeks to determine the underlying benefits consumers are looking from a new generation car by classifying them according to their relative importance they put in the attribute ratings by the method of principal component analysis. It has been observed that customers are purchasing new generation car because of several considerations mainly attributed to major factors like Economic and Social benefit factor. The analysis should help in shedding some light on this exciting environment, and should be especially useful to marketing professionals working in car market to understand their customers behaviour, or anyone else who may be considering utilizing the unorganized environment for marketing efforts.
An Analytical Study