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Comparative Analysis of Standard PMS and Local PMS

Comparative Analysis of Standard PMS and Local PMS

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Many organizations now a day''s implement performance management system (PMS) formally and informally in the organization based on the traditional success factors as performance appraisals, performance indicators and balance score to manage their organization effectively and efficiently. This research compares the standard PMS to an informal PMS applied in a non government, nonprofit and public interest based organization. This is a cross sectional study having individuals, of a local development organization, as the unit of analysis for testing the established hypothesis that whether the PMS is implemented in the organization under investigation. The statistical techniques used to analyze the data were Means, standard deviation, and ZTEST. The informal PMS was identified, measured, analyzed, and compared with the dimensions identified by the standard PMS. The findings of the research were same as expected by the hypothesis established.
As Applied by a Local NGO