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Postponement in Retailing Industry

Postponement in Retailing Industry

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Retailers face increasing cost pressures and shorter product life cycles which often results in products becoming obsolete within a few months after their introduction. Meeting ever-changing customer demand in retailing creates difficulties for the retailers in balancing the costs of dealing with excess inventory and out-of-stock situations. However, Postponement helps retailers by improving responsiveness and reducing inventory, transport, warehousing and obsolescence costs to meet the ever changing customer needs. This Book has a clear set of postponement strategies that could be helpful for all retailing industries that have problems of high obsolescence cost, responsiveness and meeting customer needs. The Book with a qualitative case study of Swedish Electronic retailer, SIBA, has proposed possible solutions related to postponement difficulties that the retailing industry is experiencing. Morover, the book can also be used as a guide for administrators, academic institutions, individual researchers, logistics and supply chain managers or other groups who are looking solution meeting an ever changing customer demand.
A case study of SIBA