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The Emerging Market Clearing Practice in Ethiopia

The Emerging Market Clearing Practice in Ethiopia

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Using a single method of marketing strategy is very difficult in the present market condition because, the competition is stiff; the development of new fashions is very fast; emergence of new technology and the varying preference of customers make the marketing activity very tricky. Especially in the apparel store perishability and seasonality of fashionable clothes have increased due to the different innovation in the design of cloths, the stripes, the color and style. Clearance sales strategy is currently practiced in Ethiopia especially in the boutiques, but these areas are not well studied by scholars of the country.Because of its dynamic nature of price change and customer preference, managers face a problem of how to sell the product to reduce the inventory of unsold items and outdated fashions.This book provides insight about the reason of applying clearance sales; the customer behavior towards clearance price; the relationship between clearance sales and sales volume and the genuineness of the price cut. The study should help professionals in this field and also the different marketers and others who want to further study this area.
The Case of Boutiques in Arada Sub-City: Addis Ababa