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Cause Branding

Cause Branding

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Nowadays many multinational corporations have come to realize that they are facing saturated markets while being at the verge of the maturity phase of their product''s life cycle. Their growth strategy increasingly leads them to enter developing countries, or so called “Bottom of the Pyramid” markets. Simultaneously, these companies are increasingly challenged by a going number of consumers to commit to their social responsibility; questioning whether it is still appropriate to focus on creating shareholder value alone. This book investigates how bringing these two perspectives together from a brand strategy point of view can lead to a mutually beneficial win- win situation. Applying a "Cause Branding" approach can and will create value for the shareholders as well as for society at large. The critical success factors provided by this book will allow brand strategists and brand managers to successfully implement a good cause into the very DNA of their brand. Doing so, it will help them to do good for their business while changing the world for the better!
How doing good creates value for corporations and society