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The Philosophy of Advanced-Level Marketing

The Philosophy of Advanced-Level Marketing

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In the world where everyday new ideas are brought, new products are developed the enterprises have to take their places within the new economy by featuring their competitive advantages.Under the current conditions where almost all transactions are performed electronically and digital tools become indispensible even in individual usage,many issues developed for the business world have emerged.And one of those issues is"Customer Relations Management"briefly called CRM.From mid-1990s development of technological means and increase of the significance paid to the customer individually in parallel to this made a basis for studying on this subject and the fast increasing competition gave an acceleration of this subject.Customer Relations Management can be compared to an iceberg. The front faces contacting customers such as call centers,customer cards,the Internet,customer representatives are the visible,operational part of the iceberg above the water.However there is an analytical and invisible aspect under the application of which is not easy.The main subject of my book is to put forward the analytical aspect of the management of the customer relations.
The significance of CRM- Customer Relations Management in terms of marketing, consumer behaviors