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Role of Word-of-Mouth in Counterfeiting

Role of Word-of-Mouth in Counterfeiting

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Counterfeiting is a significant and growing problem in both growing and well developed countries. The studies show that counterfeit products did not use any media advertisement still products can be sold in large quantities. Although role of WOM has been studied for many years for brand or well known products, limited attention has been given to explore the role of WOM in counterfeiting. We surveyed Indian and Taiwanese customers and found following role of WOM in counterfeiting. (1) WOM has significant role in locating counterfeit products, (2) WOM cannot considered as best purchasing driver, (3) referral marketing does work and people share their opinion among strong tie, (4) the impact of PWOM is generally greater than NWOM, and (5) most consumer share opinion that it is unethical to purchase counterfeit products. The author then discusses the implications of this research and offers recommendations for marketers of brand products.
Mystery of Word-of-Mouth towards counterfeit products