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UK Consumers Attitudes Toward Fast Food

UK Consumers Attitudes Toward Fast Food

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This book aims to observe the many aspects of the fast-food market: it will attempt to ascertain what it is that draws customers to fast-food restaurants and consider the psychological, social and cultural factors influencing customers. Looking at previous studies, it is clear that there has been very many criticism and stress from the government and social activists towards those fast-food restaurants that provide unhealthy food; this, in turn, has most likely had an effect on market sales. Thus, a large number of fast-food restaurants have struggled to re-position their products and offer healthier alternatives.This situation may have divided customers and critics into two groups: the first believe that fast-food restaurants have attempted to deceive the public, with regards to providing healthy food, and that they employ propaganda, in order to increase profits.The second group assert that fast-food restaurants already provide healthier options (such as corn and salad), in addition to other options, and that this is excellent progress.
Insight into consumer behaviour