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Positive word-of-mouth: a strategy or an outcome?

Positive word-of-mouth: a strategy or an outcome?

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Informal conversations between consumers are known as the oldest path by which opinions on products, services and brands are developed, expressed, and spread. Individuals like to share their experiences with one another and referrals are an important element in the decision making process of consumption. The vast majority of research in the word-of-mouth realm portrays topics exploring WOM from a macro-perspective, exploring the function and relevance of this phenomenon. Few academic investigations have paid attention in scrutinizing the circumstances in which word-of-mouth is built up. When it comes to developing strategies for triggering WOM, marketing managers can only find superficial; non-academic based literature. This study focused in investigating the viability of positive WOM to be triggered and managed by brands. An exploration of the whole architecture of WOM was deployed and an understanding of the motivations and social arrangement in which positive WOM cases have been structured was sought.
Understanding factors and arrangements that motivate consumers to talk about brands