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Consumers’ Behavior Towards Telemarketing:

Consumers’ Behavior Towards Telemarketing:

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Telemarketing services represent an easy way to reach customers in different part of the world. However, a study regarding consumers’ behavior is lacking. For this reason, we authors in our research wanted to compare and analyze the behavior of customers toward telemarketing from developing countries-Moldova and Pakistan and from developed country-Sweden. At the beginning we expected to find an obvious difference in behavior between the two group countries, namely that consumers in developed countries are using more often telemarketing services than in developing countries. However, our data analysis has shown that consumers from Sweden, Moldova and Pakistan are not eager to go for telemarketing services. Consumers’ preference for shopping is more directed for traditional buying coupled with online shopping. We have found that the following factors can have a strong influence upon changing consumers’ behavior towards telemarketing in these countries: trust in quality, confidence that telemarketers can provide with best solution for their problems, convenience, reliability, familiarity and a strong legal system which can protect their consumer rights.
Case Study: Develop vs developing countries