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Branding Customers as King! Bull Shit

Branding Customers as King! Bull Shit

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Customer service is bad all over. Many companies you go they tell you about customer care policies and their focus on customer satisfaction. Faced with bad attitudes from the people who sell them goods and services, it is not surprising that many customers show low levels of satisfaction and loyalty to suppliers. The reason why customers go elsewhere because they are dissatisfied with the customer service. Customers are perverse, emotional, awkward, unreasonable people who want things done on their termsCustomers can be very unfair in their judgement but this is allowed, because they are paying for it. Many consumers are increasingly skeptical about advertising and see only brainwashing and lies, and they complain advertising images are largely based on sex and violence. Advertising agencies are fearful of consumer disinterest which may lead to frustration, distrust and hostility – brand may be tolerable today and may become the enemy of the consumer tomorrow. Some companies have already responded to the fact that new customers want more than low prices and brand, and compete on the reason(s) for their existence that goes beyond profit.