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New Media In Advertising

New Media In Advertising

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Study shows that Asian youth used mobile phones to kill time, and their favored content include news updates, entertainment, and music. Mobile phones are cool and also a private product to own. Many developed Asian countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Mobile marketing is fast becoming the main customer experiences. Example, in China, Beijing residences were asked to send text message by Coca Cola guessing the high temperature in the city every day for over a month. They then had a chance to win one year supply of Coke products. The campaign managed to attract more than 4 million messages over the course of 35 days. Strong word of mouth were used by brands such as Starbucks, Body Shop, Red Bull, Amazon .com and Hush Puppies shoes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and movie like The Passion of the Christ. Paid media results from press coverage of company generated via advertising, publicity or other promotional effect, as compare to earned media/free media are all the PR benefits a firm received without having directly paid for anything.