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Marketing of Indian Tea

Marketing of Indian Tea

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For long, offering a smoky cup of tea has been a symbol of hospitality in almost every culture across the globe. A good quality tea is, indeed, every sipper’s pride. The book is highlighting the marketing practices and performance of the tea industry during the period 1981-2001.The process of economic reforms was initiated in India in 1991. Considering this, the study period has been broken down into two sub-periods, 1981-1991 (i.e., the 10 years preceding economic reforms) and 1991-2001 (i.e., the first 10 years of economic reforms). The book, within its specified limits, has sought to academically address some of these issues relating to the marketing practices of the Indian tea industry in both the domestic and global market that so far have received scant attention.
in Domestic & Global Market