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Industrial Goods Marketing Strategy

Industrial Goods Marketing Strategy

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Industrial product, unlike consumer goods, are not sold every so often for the same customers. Due to this fact, searching for demand in a new location is the motive that has forced companies to grow further in the international market. Companies who want to operate internationally should have a comprehensive understanding of the candidate country including the mode of operation, business conduct, regional policy, environment or global effect prior to implementing such strategies. Understanding the local business culture leads to better decision-making and an understanding of how local and/or international governmental policy impacts on operations. Market selection tools that have been developed by Root F.R (1994) for selecting a target country for market entry, as well as further works by Cavusgil, Knight, Riesenberger (2007) to fit the recent market research tool have been readjusted to adapt to this specific segment of marketing strategy. This will further be enhanced by research conducted for a high-tech company’s pursuit to engage in an international market in the Middle East and North Africa.
Selecting Best Location for your Business–to-Business Trade. In the Case of Middle East and North Africa Region