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Sexism in TV Adverts

Sexism in TV Adverts

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The criteria for ‘beauty’ or to be the ‘perfect woman’ for advertisers is: women must be very thin with big breast and have flawless skin. It is a known thing that thin people naturally do not have big breast thus most of the images we see in advertisement are not real as the models they use have had surgeries in other to meet the criteria advertisers want. With this artificial creation of beauty, advertisers have made women feel insecure about themselves and made them believe that it is by using my product or service that you can become like the model in the advertisement thus, they are creating a reality for their audience that do not exist. Sexuality is considered as a powerful tool for marketing and advertising. Post advertising response studies have shown that sexuality in advertisement can be effective for attracting people’s interest, holding that interest and convincing people to take action i.e. buying the product.
Covenant University students' perception of sexism