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The Effectiveness of Advertisements on Toothpaste Industry

The Effectiveness of Advertisements on Toothpaste Industry

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In today's business world, there is fierce competition among different brands of toothpastes. The primary aim of a company is to sell the products to the customers. The problem here is, "why should a consumer buy a particular brand of toothpaste?" Here, the author has analyzed five toothpaste brands, namely, Colgate, Close Up, Babool, Vicco and Pepsodent. Out of the five, which brand is most preferred by customers? Why should a customer patronage a particular brand? In order to attract the customers towards the products, which kind of media is preferable? Since there are innumerable ways to advertise the products, the author has tried his level best to show through empirical studies that TV is the most effective media for advertisements of toothpaste industry, followed by the Internet. The advertisements endorsed by celebrities/cricketers and eye-catching taglines could affect the consumers and increase the sale of the products. This book will immensely help the students of management, professionals, academicians and anyone else who is interested in producing advertising for marketing purposes.
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