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Viralising Generation Y

Viralising Generation Y

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This book is about the importance of word of mouth which cannot be undermined in marketing literature. The recent incorporation of word of mouth in electronic media has gained popularity and thus has become a dominant form of promotion for many organizations. Due to the adoption of social media by the Generation Y of Pakistan, many organizations can utilize this opportunity and thus can target this unconventional segment. The relatively new concept of viral marketing is the most self sustained form of marketing with the least costs incurred, which makes it most suitable for a Pakistani environment due to lack of resources. Viral marketing provides easy marketing for a consumer to consumer segment that self propagates its way among respondents without any promotional effort from any organization. The main driving force for viral advertisements is their ability to motivate the consumers into spreading the message. The focus of this study is on the motivations of the Generation Y of Pakistan and the type of content that has the highest appeal for this particular Pakistani segment.
A Post Modern Pakistani Consumer Perspective