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Buyer Behaviour in Fluid Milk Markets

Buyer Behaviour in Fluid Milk Markets

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India has emerged as the largest producer of milk in the world with the most successful developmental programmes based on the principles of co-operation. The milk market in India is predominantly in the unorganised sector and is fragmented which handle comparatively small quantity of raw milk. They are the biggest challenge to the organised dairy industry comprises of government, co-operative and the private dairies who market branded pasteurised milk. Marketing of branded pasteurised milk is different when compared to other consumer goods due to product characteristics, variants, usage patterns, consumer perceptions and behaviour, distribution practices and retailers profile. To reap the benefits gone into the efforts of dairy development, it has to shift its focus on marketing efforts for which understanding of consumer behaviour forms the basis. Of all the market segments, the urban household segment provides a stable market with respect to demand for fluid milk. This book will be useful to dairy co-operative societies, private sector dairy firms, marketers of fluid milk, government, policymakers and scholars to work towards strengthening and developing fluid milk market.
An Insight on Purchase Decision