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Service quality at Zimbabwe broadcasting holdings (ZBH).

Service quality at Zimbabwe broadcasting holdings (ZBH).

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This book focuses on finding out how customers perceive service quality at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC TV), which is a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBH). The book provides a brief background of the national broadcaster and the changes that have transformed over the years. This book provides management with a direction for service quality improvement thus it helps managers to adequately handle or respond positively to complaints in order for them to remain sensitive to the needs and expectations of their customers (customer centrism). Due to the fact that television business (though static and conservative) is undergoing a deep transformation in the multi-media age, this book could help managers to take advantage of the technological changes that are driving important changes in the market offer, hence this study will assist managers to develop and implement strategies that can be used to create future value for the organization. The book also gives recommendation to the government of Zimbabwe on how to respond to and improve customer perceptions by means of legislations which suit different needs, values, and interests of different customers hence im
An assessment of customer perceptions of service quality