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Advert Exploitation

Advert Exploitation

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The world of advertising has come a long way from street hawkers shouting out marketing slogans in streets, to web 2.0 the new marketing platform. Throughout the journey, Television advertising has been considered to be the most watched and popular form of marketing tool. Pakistani children view over three hours of TV everyday, exposing to them to food advertisements budgeted over 2 billion Pakistani Rupees. Keeping those statistics in mind, the book attempts at providing an insight into how this effective marketing tool i.e. Television advertising, has played its role in determining the food consumption habits of Children. The lack of analytical skills does not allow children to understand the complete extent of the message being projected in advertisements. Children tend to miss out on the intent of advertisements and are highly vulnerable to the marketing communication. Tapping into the role of parents, the manuscript highlights how parental guidance can prove to be a substantive factor in developing children’s eating habits.
A Pakistani Perspective