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Exploring Students' Green Lifestyles

Exploring Students' Green Lifestyles

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This book is a study on Greener Lifestyles.The Universities are stakeholders in achieving environmental sustainability and are conducting researches on truncated carbon emanations and executing programmes for truncated carbon campuses in the future. Students of Bahria University are well aware about the issues but they lack awareness in regard to the solution regarding global warming and climatic change. They know what can be done to reduce the global warming but they lack awareness in how to do it; thus the students are not that much commitment to their environment. Many universities have in place their environmental sustainability strategy and programmes for cutting down carbon emissions in aboard but in Pakistan this still has to be done. Students are an significant fragment of this approach and many universities continuously study their student’s lifestyles in other countries, in Pakistan universities need to make such efforts in understanding how students, dispose waste, conserve water and electricity; thus understanding their awareness about issues related to living green and their commitments to greener living.
A Pakistani Perspective