Celebrity Endorsement Impact on Brand Equity,Credibility&  Personality

Celebrity Endorsement Impact on Brand Equity,Credibility& Personality

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Celebrity endorsement is considered an effective promotional tool worldwide, yet in Pakistan efforts to study its effect on promotion and building brand is scarce. Celebrity Endorsement is an effective advertising strategy to endorse the brands. The purpose of this study is to find whether celebrity endorsement is an effective promotional tool to build brand equity, brand credibility and brand personality in case of Beverages Industry of Pakistan. Using responses collected from 125 respondents, different analytical tools like reliability assessment analysis, regression analysis and ANOVA are applied to find the answer of research questions. We find statistically significant relationships between studied variables. The findings of this study shows that Celebrity endorsement has strong impact on brand equity, moderate impact on brand credibility and less significant impact on brand personality. The use of celebrity endorser across the market would allow the economies of scale in promotion and consistency in brand image. This emperical research provides a number of implications for both theory and practice. This study can also enrich the body of knowledge.
A Pakistan's Perspective