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Consumer Behavior and Loyalty Programs

Consumer Behavior and Loyalty Programs

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Retail sector is one of the emergent growing sector nowadays at worldwide. People in this world are wholly and solely dependent on retail sector. Because of the needs of consumption items which they need daily to satisfy their primary as well as secondary needs .The business world consists of many sectors but retail sector is one of the key element in the business world. It constitutes up to certain level of business in the current scenario. Now a day’s retail sector consists of shopping malls, like visual mega mart, big bazaar, v mart, and lifestyle, and other famous world shopping malls.These malls are highly decorated as well as organized to attract blind customers. These malls provide daily basis consumption items and other products worldwide. People like to visit and ready to purchase products from these malls as they mainly provide loyalty programmers to their customers. Loyalty is one of the great engines of the success. This work is beneficial for persons who likely visit and purchase from these shopping malls like visual mega mart, big bazaar, life style and v mart etc .Most of the people visit and purchase products from these shopping malls.
Impact of Loyalty Programs on Consumer Behavior