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Basic Library Marketing Tools for Offline and Online Generation

Basic Library Marketing Tools for Offline and Online Generation

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In recent years, marketing has earned magnetism in libraries and information centers throughout the world. Self-support policies, increasing competitiveness in the marketplace, increasing users’ expectations and widening access to information are some of the high-flying causes for this trend. To survive in such an environment, LIS Professionals must identify their users' needs in an effectual manner. The user is at the centre of every library’s activity. Pleasing the customers is the primary concern in the marketing process. Users will only come back for acquiring more services if they are satisfied; if they are not, they will find a different resource. Embedded librarians need to have adequate understanding of prospective users to create superior value for them. Library Marketing is concerned with encouraging users to avail library’s resources and make the maximum usage of libraries to quench their reading thirst. Library Marketing updates users about existing resources and services. Library Marketing is in actuality entirely about users and communication. Librarians may not facilitate their clients without considering political, economic, social and technological trends.