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Consumer Behaviour towards Safe Drinking Water

Consumer Behaviour towards Safe Drinking Water

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World oceans cover about 3/4th of earth’s surface. As per the UN estimates, the total amount of water on earth is about 1400 Mill.Cu.Kms which is enough to cover the earth with a layer of 3000 mtrs depth. However only 2.7% of the total water available on the earth is fresh water of which about 75.2% lies frozen in Polar Regions and another 22.6% is present as ground water.The crisis about economic water resources devt. and better management thus arises because most of the water is not available for use and secondly it is characterized by its highly uneven spatial distribution.Access to adequate water supply is not only a fundamental need and human right as per UN MDGs. One of its targets is to: "Halve, by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation". The lack of access to adequate water contributes to water-based disease transmission and water-washed diseases, leads to mortality, morbidity and illnesses (eg.Diarrohoea). 200 people are interviewed from four villages of Nizamabad town. ChiSquare, Markov tests used to predict Cons.Behavior patterns. The target groups are Mini.of Rural & Urban Devt,Consumers & Bottlers.