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Standardization Verus Adaptation in Global Market

Standardization Verus Adaptation in Global Market

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Over the few decade lot of debates held on the standardization versus adaptation in the global market but there is no universal solution for the firms whether to standardize or adapt because each has its own benefits. I concluded different theories regard standardization versus adaptation and their influencing factor in the international market. The case study (Braime group) standardization versus adaptation compared with different theories and concluded that there is no firm in the world which completely adapted or standardized. My dissertation has four question regarding standardization versus adaptation of marketing mix in the global market for small medium enterprises which are answered in context of participant response. My study is qualitative in nature and no generalization can be drawn from my data because study of one company. This study shows that cost effective production, standardized promotion, market differentiate prices and short distribution channel fruitful for small medium enterprises. This study has importance for company management particularly marketing department. The company is worldwide manufacturer of high quality material handling and electronic components
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