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Exposure of Woman through Media

Exposure of Woman through Media

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Just plug on your television, or step out in a public place and observe what you mostly have. You would have numerous images of women, for selling the things. You would also have these images at the back sides of vehicles, at sign boards,at television in advertisements, in magazines, in news papers and everywhere. Now try to scrutinize what these images are actually saying to you, what kind of activities these ladies are doing in these images. The answer would be as! These images would be alluring to you, seducing to you, grabbing your attention, gratifying to you, trying to become a thing of screen esthetic, appealing and stimulating to your sexual desires and giving you an image of women you don’t have in reality. From media you have got an image of women who is sexually charged and is an icon of sexuality. This negative portrayal of women in media has lethal impacts on the society. Its poisonous perspectives have bombardments onto the minds of individuals and in this way it is also creating some social evils. We have havoc results on our society from this woman’s misrepresentation on media, which is resulting in moral and social crimes.
A case study of media campaign in Rawalpindi and Islambad (Pakistan)